I would like to congratulate the Heyworth School Board of Education on their first meeting in full compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act on 5/15/2019 since at least December 2018!

Going back to the 2/28 letter I sent

  1. The public notice now includes the location of the meeting.
  2. The agenda and notice were posted for the public to view at both the District Office and the High School. They were also protected against weather and tampering to ensure they are continuously available for 48 hours.
  3. The agenda was posted on the District web site for the full 48 hours of continuous review.
  4. The reason for closing the meeting was verbally stated, and clearly lined up with a proper exception allowed by OMA.
  5. The amount of work the District needs to complete to be compliant is extensive. Ms. Taylor and I have had a conversation and they intend to be compliant very soon.
  6. The comments made by the board during this meeting did not leave me wondering what side conversations may have occurred.
  7. The minutes from the 5/8/19 meeting are already available on Board Docs. The amount of transparency and detail that Board Docs is providing to the community ahead of the meeting is outstanding. It would be nice to be able to subscribe to updates, but there are workarounds.
  8. The minutes of the 7/30/18 meeting that did not include the details of the vote taken to hire Mr. Andrews as Elementary Principal where corrected and voted on during the 4/24/19 meeting.
  9. The special meeting that occurred on 5/8/19 had proper notice provided, and I was well aware of it. I was otherwise occupied that evening, so unable to attend myself.
  10. The Public Access Counselor was able to properly identify who on the School Board needed to be addressed for the Request for Review I’ve filed, so I will assume they have the info they need.
  11. Ms. Taylor has provided me with documentation that this training has been completed. See attachment below.