The following day after my letter, Ms. Lisa Taylor responded:

Thank you for your suggestions. I will share your comments with the Board of Education also.

I noticed a small couple of changes to the web site:

  1. The regular Board of Education meeting schedule was updated to include the location of the meeting.
  2. The schedule of Sub-Committee meetings was removed.

Although the OMA does not require the sub-committee schedule to be posted and remain on the web-site, in light of the Districts expressed desire for transparency and community engagement, this is a disappointment to me and a step in the wrong direction. I retained and am providing a copy of the sub-committee schedule that was posted:

Because the sub-committee schedule was removed and I’ve seen no publication as of today, April 8th, 2019, to correct the fact that a location was not provided, the District is likely still in violation for proper publication of the sub-committee meetings.

That’s it for an immediate response. Based on the rest of the items, that is all that could be addressed immediately. Time will tell if the board will correct them. Stay tuned…